A Little Update

I know a new post is far overdue! As you can imagine absolutely EVERYONE has been busy over here! Katie and Wylie with Aidan and Amry and me with over 4,000 of your orders!! It is amazing to see that Aidan has the WORLD behind him!

I never got to share any of Aidan’s halloween pictures here. If you follow our facebook I am sure you have already seen them but for everyone else here they are!


Despite the few setbacks he has had Aidan was able to go trick or treating. We are glad he got to keep a little normalcy to his favorite holiday. The celebration was not nearly as big as previous years but he seemed to enjoy himself.

Aidan has been recieving gifts from some of you and he thinks it is pretty cool. I know they put a smile on his face, which is something we all love to see!

Aidan loves every single one of his gifts but here he is posing with one of his favorites. An autographed picture of “Micheal Myers!” (I know the entire Reed family was pretty excited about that one.)


About aidforaidan

Aidan is a beautiful, creative, quirky, 5 year old boy. He has a passion for drawing and monsters. On September 13, 2010 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Here is where we share his story.
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9 Responses to A Little Update

  1. Mike Lander says:

    Thanks for your art Aidan! I just got one of your Wolfman drawings! Best wishes!


  2. dani.T says:

    Hi there, just wanted to say that Aidan is such an amazing and inspiring person.
    Came across your blog today with the fam, and it really touched our hearts, its good to see him smiling and so full of joy. I was wondering if there was a P.O. box address to were we can send him gifts and what not? My nieces saw how interested he was in monsters and wanted to send him some things.

    • aidforaidan says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Aidan has inspired us, his family, greatly as well πŸ™‚ Not to mention all of the wonderful people who have responded to him. If you would like to send gifts to Aidan you can send them to:
      Aidan Reed
      PO Box 384
      Clearwater KS

  3. for you says:

    I wish You all the best Aidan and primarily health.

    A small donation is on the way πŸ˜‰

  4. Stephanie says:

    This story touched my heart! I was crying the whole time I read about Aidan. I am poor, so I don’t have money to send. But I have posted his story on every blog I can get to. And have posted it on my facebook and more, so hopefully I can spread the word and help him that way. Also… I wanted to give you an idea to do with Aidans drawings and stuff. Perhaps you could turn his drawings into puzzles. And there are programs that can turn pictures into coloring pages. Maybe you could turn his drawings into coloring books for kids, and maybe use pictures of Aidan in his costumes as coloring book pages too! Also when he outgrows his costumes you could sell them, with the drawings? And another idea would be to sell his drawings as a picture story book. Maybe have Aidan tell you the story that goes with his pictures and turn it into a childrens story book. And you can put any picture on t-shirts and more with a printer and some transfer paper. You could make Aid for Aidan t-shirts. Or just cool t-shirts for people to buy with his monsters on it…

  5. angela says:

    I’m sure you don’t have time to watch tv with what’s been going on, but I thought you’d like to know that actress Gillian Jacobs of NBC’s “Community” tweeted about purchasing Aidan’s artwork along with a link to the Huffington Post article. She’s inspired me to buy some of Aidan’s artwork, and hopefully some of her other 25,000+ will follow suit. Hopefully her co-star Joel McHale, who has almost 2 million followers, will retweet it. Here’s a link to her tweet: http://twitter.com/GillianJacobs/status/4326618092806144

  6. Erzsi Gemzsi says:

    Hang in there.. it DOES get better. My son Walter also had ALL, he was diagnosed 1-8-2003 and went through 3 years of chemo hell. Walter is now 17 and doing wonderful. In remission for almost 4 years now. He was constantly in the hospital and so very sick, but came through it amazingly. It was very hard watching him go through everything, but he was always so positive about it. He never felt sorry for himself, he felt sorry for the other kids in the hospital and did whatever he could to cheer them up. He is praying for Aidan as is my entire family. You are in our thoughts and prayers!!

  7. Joanne says:

    Hi Aidan I love your artwork and I want you to know that we placed a link to your site onto our site at http://www.gublerarmy.com (We are fands of Matthew Gray Gubler director/Actor and Magician ) I also fought a terrible disease and with the help of good doctors, good friends and family and a bit of faith, I was able to regain my health. You are an inspiration! Keep your Positive attitude! Can’t wait until Nesferatu arrives at my door!!

  8. JeanAnn says:

    How awsome to get the Michael Myers autograph. It is so wonderful when start take the time out of their lives to show that they care about the little people and show love and caring for those that are fighting battles so much bigger than they are. Thanks so much for caring Michael Myers ❀

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