All donations will go directly towards Aidan’s medical bills and making him well again.
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  1. Aidan is in my prayers – he will prevail! What a sweet little boy!

  2. Six years ago my stepdaughter was diagnosed with and treated for osteosarcoma and seeing photos of a noticeably bald Aidan sitting in his bed brings back a whole slew o’ memories! I found your website through Facebook and I just felt compelled to contact.

    The thing about Aidan’s love of monsters stood out to me because I am an independent filmmaker that MAKES retro-styled, safe-for-kids (though also entertaining to adults) monster movies — and I was inspired to make them because of my father’s fight with cancer AND my stepdaughter. In fact, it was during my stepdaughter’s treatments that her and I created the monster costume for the first film. As a man who spent countless hours sitting at the side of a hospital bed, I know there are way too many hours of nothing to fill while your brave child fights this horrible illness. So, what I’d like to do, if you’re open to it, is send free DVDs of my films to your family. Believe me, I’m convinced this is something that Aidan will absolutely enjoy! For more information about my films, check out my website at or my Facebook page at Obviously, any arrangements on how to get the films to you will have to be handled privately but feel free to send me an email!

    On a happy, hopeful note, my stepdaughter JUST crossed the 5-year cure mark and is in her second year at college! So keep your collective chins up, it’s a long road but you’ll get there together! My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you during this experience.

  3. Adria says:

    Can I donate art supplies to Aidan? I’m an artist (and a jeweler), and would really love to have the art supplies that’s just sitting in my craft room put to good use…and I know that as a kid ANY new art supplies always made me happy 🙂
    If I can send you guys art supplies, please just let me know, and I’ll put together a care package with art supplies for Aidan, and maybe a surprise or two for Mommie Katie.

  4. Becka says:

    I can’t give much, but I’ll be sure to give something. My thoughts are with you, Aiden!

  5. Andrew Polanco says:

    I’ll post your website and facebook page on my facebook page. My mentor just passed this past week from battling cancer, for a young kid to go through so much at a young age must be really hard. I know it will make him stronger when he grows up!!!

  6. Moti says:

    Does no one in the United States ask the question “Why in the richest country in the world does a child and his family have to rely on charity to pay for health care?”

  7. Em says:

    Hello (:

    Some fellow monster lovers and I are planning a cupcake sale in honor of Aidan! Were even dressing up as monsters to sell them. 100% of we make will go towards this rad little dude! I’ll be sure to share pictures from our little event!

  8. Paul says:

    I have a little boy the same age (and a really similar name!) and Aidan’s story really hit home with me. I wish him all the best!

    p.s. I LOVE his monster drawings too 🙂

  9. I’ve donated, and done my best to spread the word about Aiden and his wonderful monsters, but I’d like to do a little more. I make handmade plush monsters for my son all the time (they aren’t as cool as Aiden’s though :D) and I’d like to make one special for him and send it to you guys! If that would be O.K, I’d love to know what his favorite color is so I can get started right away!
    All my love,

  10. sophie says:

    hey, sweetie =)
    I saw you today at this site, thru Korean young ppl’s most famous web site (like facebook). Many Koreans are also praying for you sincerely.
    I don’t know how to write well in English to give you positive energy, but,
    I think you will be well soon because you are ! ^^
    Have a beautifully great day to you little boy =) I hope we can see in the future in Korea or somewhere else !

    It’s my favorite aphorism “Day by Day in everyway, I’m getting better and better – emil coure(not sure the name) –

    See ya, bye

  11. riley says:

    Hope everything turns out absolutely fantastic for you, little mate. I know how hard it is to deal with what’s going on. But remember, everything’s going to be alright. Also-love the monsters {they’re my favourites too :)}

  12. Megan Gerber says:

    YOUR famous!!! I just got finished reading the newspaper article! Aidan, you are doing awesome…..keep it up 🙂 I work in the Child life department at Wesley…..we are always trying to keep up to date on all OUR kiddos!!!

  13. manda says:

    This story completely touched my heart. I am so thrilled to donate money in this cause and I am so glad you were able to get funding by selling these adorable pictures. Your family will be in my prayers. Stay strong Aidan! 🙂

  14. Eddie Allen says:

    I would like to send Aidan some of my spooky changing portrait artwork for his collection. Please contact me via e-mail and I let me know where to send it and I will put them in the mail. I love his drawings and I think he’s one awesome kid with a great imagination!

    -Eddie Allen

  15. Summer Maffi says:

    Hi. im A 13 Year Old Girl From Roseville California And Me And My Mom Really Like This Alot. i Just Had 4 Surgerys in Last 5 Weeks Because i Got A Tumor in My Ovary. There Trying To Save it But We Dont Know if It Can Be Saved. Stay Strong, He’ll Make it. Hes in My Prayers !<33

    – Summer

  16. Ghee Teo says:

    Hey buddy, your monsters are really cool….

  17. I just learned of Aidan’s journey today from a friend. While the economy has created too much pressure on my finances to donate monetarily, I would like to donate some information that might make all the difference in your world.

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    I trust you will find it worth your while to study the information those searches will provide for you. Please share them with Aidan’s PCP. However, you may want to consult with other doctors who are familiar with this research if your doctor isn’t already.

    Also, a book you may find challenging to conventional medical minds yet enlightening for yourself is “Cancer Is Not A Disease -It’s a Survival Mechanism” by Andreas Moritz. You can read a free 10 page summary, and order the book if you want, by going here:

    Best Wishes

  18. Allison says:

    I was touched by the article I read about Aidan this morning on I am looking forward to buying some of his drawings in hopes that my small donation will go along way! My prayers are with Aidan and his family. I wish him a quick and save recovery 🙂 Hang in there!

  19. Valerie Cook says:

    Hi Aidan and your family,
    I have read Aidan’s story tonight on CNN and I would like to contribute to help. We have a son, named Aidan himself, who is now 6 year old. 2 years ago Aidan and his Dad both got a new emerging strain of a pneumococcal bacteria which resulted in an extremely severe pneumonia for both. Aidan’s pneumonia became an Empyema and we spent 1 month at the hospital and he had lung surgery. My Husband got hospitalized at a different hospital during the same time. Aidan came really close to death and we were extremely concerned for my husband. I am so thankful to God that it has now been almost 2 years that both fully recovered and that we have been able to re-engage in a normal kind of life. Because of my limited experience compared to yours I can honestly say that I cannot come close to even fathom what you all as a family are going through and that you have all my heart and prayers. Also in my darkest moments I felt that somewhere, somewhat life was carrying us through via the face of multiple strangers and friends. We got carried each steps of the way one step further and found the strength and courage to go through every moments because everywhere, everyone did what they could to give, be it a hug, a moment of comfort to a prayer. Every bit made a profound difference. Today we are one of those strangers who would like to give you hope that Aidan’s illness is curable and to help contribute to your family being together as much as possible during this fight. Our family did donate $200 to yours and wish you the best in your full recovery.

  20. Tessa says:

    I just saw something on Regretsy about Aidan’s drawings and had to check it out. I wish I had seen it sooner so I could order a drawing, because they are super awesome. But I’m sure he’s backed up enough on that as it is so I can live without one. Any kid that loves monsters as much as him is sure to blast through any trials he faces. I’m not much for praying but all the best thoughts and feelings I can muster will be sent his way.

  21. Macie says:

    wow, I am seventeen years old, and I was beyond touched by Aidan’s story. But I am a strong believer that we each have a path that we are placed on. Aidan is strong, and with him you are strong. I have two little sisters, who I cherish more than anything. And this story made it that more important for me to spend as much time with them as I can. Tell Aidan he is a beautiful young man, and I will pray for him daily. I believe in all of you.
    – love, macie

  22. Tim says:

    Keep on trucking on buddy. Your story brought a hardened Oregon logger to tears. You are definitely in my prayers and I will be getting one of those awesome pictures as soon as I can.

  23. Sheryl Chesler says:

    It is so nice to see that Aidan so good. 🙂 I ordered a poster back on 11/23/10 and it posted to my account via paypal. Can you tell me how long it will before I get it? Thank you so much and have a great holiday. I am also part of a Kiwanis and would like to know if we could work together for kids in this situation.

    Happy Holidays

  24. Epoche says:

    Oh! I just found the site and I do really regret I couldn’t find the artwork to buy. Yet, I’ve decided I donate couple of dollars (I’m still a student, so I sent an amount I was able to share with you!). I have two young brothers, basically in the same age as Aidan is, yet I can not imagine what you both had to experienced (hopefully is all getting better now!). The thing is, I was not only touched by the Aidan’s story, but I was delighted by the whole action of selling his awesome art! What a fantastic idea! I wish you all best and I’m sending you the kisses from cold Poland!

    PS: I do apologize for my poor language skills.

  25. Deborah Winslow says:

    I love this little boy!!!!

    When I was in art school I threw monsters into all my assignments. My teacher told me “You CAN NOT solve all your problems with monsters!” I am now a director on a prime time tv cartoon. Someday Aidan will be whatever he wants to be because he solved his problems with monsters. GO AIDAN!!

  26. Francisco Peris says:

    No se inglés, pero me encantaría comprar un “monstruo” desde España. ¿Cómo puedo hacerlo?. ¡Ánimo Aidan!

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